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WBJ Smart Snacks

WBJ Smart Snacks

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For many years diet culture has tried to tell us not to snack between main meals. It can be easy to understand why this advise has been given when you take a look at all the prepackaged snacks available in the supermarket. Most ready to go snacks are nutrient poor and provide only a short burst of energy.

However, snacks made from nutrient rich and filling ingredients can offer a great way to stablise blood sugar levels between meals and provide extra nutrients in your diet.

Of the 47 nutritionist-approved recipes there is something to satisfy every craving. From snacks that can be ready in two minutes, to no-bake sweets and savoury bakes to keep you fulled for the week - there is something for everyone.


Recipe Categories

  • Quick and Easy - very little preparation needed
  • Make Ahead - snacks that require a bit of combining but no baking
  • Bake Ahead - snacks that can be baked or cooked ahead of time


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