Thinking about baby?

Preparing your body for pregnancy can seem daunting, but with the right guidance, you can navigate this exciting chapter with clarity and confidence

The Fertility Masterclass is a comprehensive online course designed to empower women on their journey to conception and on to motherhood.

Over 5 online modules, you’ll learn clear, evidence-based knowledge about fertility, equipping you with actionable strategies to optimise your chances of getting pregnant and supporting a healthy pregnancy. 

Guided by me, a qualified nutritionist and medical herbalist, you’ll learn at your own pace in an engaging and supportive environment.

  • Demystify your path to conception

    Learn to listen to and interpret what your body’s telling you.

  • Naturally  Support your fertility

    Support your hormones naturally with diet, supplements and lifestyle advice.

  • Take control of your journey

    Feel empowered with science-backed, practical tools to take control of your pregnancy journey.

Get ready for baby

Sometimes pregnancy * just happens *! But other times, it’s planned like military maneuvers. 

If you’re just starting to try to conceive, thinking about starting or have been trying for a while, this course will 

  • Teach you to recognise when you’re ovulating - because that’s more important than your period date!
  • Show you how to recognise your fertile window
  • Give you clear dietary guidelines to optimise your fertility chances
  • Share reliable information on diet, caffeine, alcohol and other substances while trying to conceive 

Whether you’ve got PCOS or other fertility-impacting conditions, or trying fertility treatments such as OI, IUI or IVF, don’t worry. 

This course will give you the information, support and clarity you need to maximise your fertility and get ready for baby. 

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The Fertility Masterclass online course

  • All online: Because the information is all loaded and ready to go, you can access the information you need any time you want.

  • Comprehensive topics: Because optimising your chance of a speedy conception isn’t about just one thing, I help you get to know what’s happening in your body and share natural nutrition and lifestyle topics.

  • Scientifically backed information: Because you don’t want to waste time on advice that doesn’t work. This is all the information I share with my one-on-one clients that have helped them prepare for conception.

  • Practical application: Because it’s easier to make changes when you’re supported by practical and relevant meal plans, recipes, and lifestyle changes that can help balance women's hormones.

Absolutely loved this course

"It was very informative and covered such a range of topics that can have an effect on our fertility. I love that we have received recipe ideas, as it’s often tricky to come up with quick and easy nutrient-dense meals. Everything was explained so well. I’m so pleased I did the course as I learned heaps."


The Fertility Masterclass online course is designed to answer all your questions and provide the information you need to make the most of your chances to have  a healthy baby.

As an experienced fertility nutritionist, I share with you evidence-based knowledge that has helped hundreds of my clients conceive successfully. 

This course is easy to follow and easy to understand.

I provide you with all the information and take-home resources I share with my 1:1 fertility clients, except - there are no client waiting lists, it’s a fraction of the cost, you can learn at your own pace, and you can re-watch it as many times as you like. 

Pressed for time? No stress. You can watch it in blocks or all in one go.

This course is well-rounded and holistic.

"I love that it even includes lifestyle factors that can impact fertility. These are areas often overlooked by other professionals. It explains everything in a way that’s easy to understand and digest. I would recommend this to couples who are interested in learning more about optimising their fertility outcomes."


Course curriculum

Session one: Welcome!

  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • About Jessica
  • Disclaimer

Session two: How long should it take?

  • When to seek help

Session three: Where it all begins

  • How conception happens

Session four: Finding your fertile window

  • Finding your fertile window - tips and tricks
  • Fertility tracking printable sheet

Session five: Preconception nutrition changes

  • Pre-conception nutrition principles
  • Key nutrients for pre-conception
  • Key nutrients cheat sheet
  • Putting it all together
  • Putting it all together - top tips
  • Fertility friendly meal plan and recipes
  • Substances to avoid
  • Supplement guidelines for preconception
  • Health investigations

Session six: Preconception lifestyle changes

  • Sleep hygiene checklist
  • Stress reduction support
  • Reducing your toxic load


  • Plenty of previously recorded Q+A sessions
  • Access to the private facebook group where I can answer your questions
  • 1. Sign Up

    Click the link below for instant access to the course.

  • 2. Start Learning

    Set aside the time to learn - there are roughly 45 minutes of video and a couple of hours of reading.

  • 3. Get Ready For Baby

    Start making changes, supported by practical resources, to get your body ready for baby.

Can I take this course if I’m still on contraception and other questions you might have

Can I take part if I am still on contraception?

Absolutely! All the information will still apply to you, and you can start 90% of the tips while still on contraception. Many women are participating in the preparation phase and are not ready to start trying just yet.

Does my partner have to take part?

This course is designed for both couples and people going through the fertility journey alone. While your partner doesn't have to attend, it would be great if they could join us as 99% of the nutrition and lifestyle advice will apply to them too - either as your support person or the person with who you intend to make a baby. There is a lot of content for male partners around sperm health and optimisation.

I’m so busy at the moment. Will I be able to fit it all in?

Yes, you can watch all videos at your own pace and rewatch them whenever need be. There are roughly 45 minutes of video content to watch and a few hours of reading content, which you can also take at your own pace.

Is this class for women who are already pregnant?

No, the advice will be aimed at pre-conception optimisation rather than health specific to each trimester of pregnancy.

I don't have a cycle, or I have an irregular cycle, can I still take part?

Absolutely! I will be discussing why your cycle might be a bit wonky and give you tips to help straighten things back out again during the live Q+A sessions. There will also be a module on how to track your cycle and find your fertile window accurately.

I did the Pre-Conception Masterclass. Is it worth me doing this one too?

Amazing! This Masterclass is more comprehensive than the previous Pre-Conception Masterclass. While there will be some overlap, there will be a lot of new information and resources for you!

I don't have a laptop, can I still join?

Yes, you can join from your mobile phone or tablet. 

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