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Painful periods? The constant worry that you'll bleed through your tampon? Never sure when your period will show up? No period?

These symptoms are not normal — they're incredibly common, but not normal.

A healthy cycle is consistent, involves little to no pain, and you shouldn't have to worry about bleeding all over your favorite jeans. But diet, lifestyle, stress, and medication can throw our hormones out of whack, causing these unwanted symptoms. 

When: Happy Hormones will begin on the 10th of March 2020.

What: Beginning with a 90-minute live webinar, followed by three-months of step-by-step information in my Happy Hormones guide book, and an online support group with Q+A's along the way.

Investment: $99 (Course includes over $800 worth of value)

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My Happy Hormones course covers:

- What are hormones, and what do they affect?

- How to track your cycle and why you'd want to.

- Why ovulation is the main event (Not your period).

- How to decrease your period pain.

- What is PCOS and Endometriosis?

- How to choose the right period products for you.

- How to support and resolve PMS.

- How to revive a dead sex drive.

- How to treat the different forms of hormonal acne.

- How to work with your cycle and not against it.

- The role of hormonal contraception in your health.

Limited spaces are available for this course.

What is this course about?

Your hormones shouldn't be a mystery. That's why I've created a three-month course that covers all things relating to your hormones, periods, and menstrual cycles. We dive deep into how to decrease your period pain through diet, how to work with your cycle, the role of hormonal contraception and how it impacts your health, and much more. It's the hormone information we should have learnt at school.

Starting this March 10th I'll be taking you through how to naturally balance your hormones to achieve a healthy, stress-free cycle. We'll begin with a 90-minute live webinar where we can talk through everything hormones, including the most common problems I see, and how to correct them naturally. You'll then receive my Happy Hormones guide book which takes you through three months of step by step changes you can make, as well as a meal plan designed specifically for women to help achieve optimal cycle health. 

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About Jessica

Jessica Giljam Brown (BSc) is a degree qualified holistic nutritionist, passionate about women's health, and realistic, achievable nutrition. After seeing too many women with hormone-related issues come through her clinic, she set out to create her Happy Hormones course to help women take control over their cycle, rather than resent it. You can read all about Jessica and her mission here


Can I take part in Happy Hormones if I am on the pill?

Yes! I will be explaining how the pill and other forms of hormonal contraception work and how they affect your health. You will gain valuable information as to how to support your health while using hormonal birth control, as well as how to transition off birth control. 

Can I take part if I am breastfeeding, pregnant, or trying to conceive?

Better hormonal health knowledge is useful for all women, no matter where in your journey you are. While you may not have a regular cycle right now due to pregnancy or breastfeeding you can still take on board the information and use it later. The eBook will help to guide you through any issues you may experience later on. 

I don't have a cycle, or I have an irregular cycle, can I still take part?

Absolutely! I will be discussing why your cycle might be a bit wonky and give you tips to help straighten things back out again. 

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