What happens when you see a nutritionist?

What happens when you see a nutritionist?

There are a lot of miss conceptions about what I do, who I help and what happens when you come to see a nutritionist. Let me break it down for you…


Who can you trust?

You wouldn't take your car to be fixed by a woman who just happens to like cars, would you? So please don’t go and see someone for your health who just happens to be interested in it. In NZ if you are looking for a nutritionist you want to be looking for someone with a university degree in nutrition. This means that they understand both the science of the body and of food to help you work through health issues.

I have a Bachelor of Science majoring in Human Nutrition, and four and a half years of experience working in clinical practice, and am continually educating myself by keeping up with the latest research and attending several industry seminars a year in NZ, Australia and the UK. (You can read more about mehere.)


Who do I help?

I have a passion for women’s health, hormones (men and women), complicated gut issues, fertility and pregnancy - so I tend to attract patients who need help in this area. I have chosen to stay in this area rather than branching out (e.g. to sports nutrition) because nutrition is a fast-moving area of research and the science is ever changing. It is near impossible to be up to date and an expert on all areas of health, so instead I stick to the areas I am passionate about and will happily refer you to another expert if I feel I am not right for you.


What happens when you come to see me?

You may have visions of coming to see me and being made to weigh yourself and stand in your underwear while I measure every inch of you, calculating your body fat percentage.

Guess what? I won’t ask you to weigh yourself, ever.

Very rarely is knowing your exact weight of use to me, you know if your clothes are a little tighter or looser - you don’t need an exact number.


So if you don’t measure me, what do you do?

Your first consult is an in-depth conversation to help me gather all the information I need. I want you to explain to me in your own words what you want to achieve, where you are having issues, and any symptoms you are experiencing. I will jump in with questions about your sleep, energy, menstrual cycle, lifestyle, work situation, general diet, aches and pains, mood and past health. The first consult is about 60 minutes long and is to help me gather as much info about you as possible.

At the end of the consultation, I will explain to you the basic outline of your treatment plan and the plan of action moving forward. I actively encourage you to question your treatment plan, ask as many questions as you like, and to be involved in the creation of your treatment - as I feel this collaboration gives you the best outcome.


What happens after we chat?

The real work for me comes in after you leave. I dedicate a chunk of time to think over your case, reread your notes, and to analyse your blood tests and any letters from other practitioners. This can take anywhere between 1 and 5 hours - it really depends on what is happening in your health picture.

Next up, I write your recommendations, this is your action plan and will fully explain how I advise you treat your health concerns. It will include diet recommendations, lifestyle changes, and sometimes supplement recommendations. You will be given all relevant information, guides, recipes and help so that you fully understand the changes and why they are important for your health.


I'm ya wing woman!

Follow up appointments are spaced out over the following weeks to help support you with the changes. It is my job to ensure that the recommendations are realistic for you, and work with your lifestyle. As your health changes adjustments will be made and new guidance will be given to help you maintain the lifestyle and diet changes to ensure long-term health.

At no point during the process of working with me are you left on your own to flounder. I am your wing woman at all times to make sure you are fully supported, are given the education you need to understand your own body and health, and am here to empower you to make choices for yourself and your health.


More more information about my packages, click here.

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