Pregnancy Supplement Recommendations

Pregnancy Supplement Recommendations

Pregnancy is a physically demanding process. Your body needs extra nutrients to ensure that you and your baby get the nutrients needed for optimal growth and development.

In my opinion over the counter supplements and those provided by GP’s and midwives are not good enough.

Women need an absorbable form of folate - which means methyl-folate and not folic acid. They need iodine, vitamin D, iron, B12, omega 3’s and zinc as an absolute minimum and that is if she is still eating a top quality diet and had optimal nutrient stores before pregnancy.

If she has morning sickness, is struggling to eat well, or has any other health issues then her needs go up.

I get asked every day via social media what supplements women should take and I can’t give an answer apart from to say that everything over the counter isn’t good enough. Which I understand doesn’t help many people. Nutrition is an individual science, there is never a one size fits all answer. Every pregnancy is different, every woman is different, their needs are different.

I only ever use practitioner-only supplements with active and easily absorbed forms of nutrients. These need to be prescribed, and can not be sold/used without proper evaluation.

Pregnancy is a precious time and not a time for inadequate care, low quality nutrients and poor advice.

Please get your nutrition advice from someone who is qualified and experienced with pregnancy and fertility - not all nutritionists are, not all midwives, Ob’s or GP’s are up to date on the latest research for nutrition in pregnancy either.

If you have concerns about your pre-conception or pregnancy care please get in touch.

**I will no longer be answering personal pregnancy supplement questions via SM. Your needs, history and bloods need to be assessed in order for me to give proper advice.**

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