Practitioners We Love

Practitioners We Love

When you come for a consult at the WBJ clinic you not only have access to Jessica's wealth of knowledge, but you also gain access to her wide network of top quality practitioners with other specialities. Jessica has carefully selected the best in each category to best support her clients. Two of these special health care providers are Sarah and Pip - have read about them below.


Sarah Boughtwood



Sarah Boughtwood is an experienced osteopath, based in Milford. Osteopathic care is aimed at treating the whole body person & finding the cause of your pain, rather than just treating the symptoms. Osteopaths treat a wide range of aches & pains; neck pain, headaches, shoulder pain, tennis/golfers elbow, wrist pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, back pain, breathing issues, TMJ/jaw pain, back pain, digestion issues, hip and pelvic pain, sports injuries, knee pain, occupational injuries, post-surgery lymphatic drainage, osteoarthritis, ligament sprains, muscle strains, bursitis and so on. Sarah has a special interest in treating pregnant women, guiding their body through the changes that can occur in pregnancy & relieving unwanted aches and pains. Sarah understands the interplay of changing hormonal levels and their effect on the body. For example reflux in pregnancy, can be related to the elevated levels of the progesterone hormone in the body. Whilst hormone levels can not be influenced diet, lifestyle changes and osteopathic treatment can help relieve reflux. 
Treatment is tailored to the individual, with specific advice given where appropriate. This might include stretches, exercises, lifestyle changes or referral to another practitioner (like Jessica) to get to the root cause of your pain. Sarah has a strong belief in the importance of overall wellbeing, work-life balance, moving your body, eating well and looking after yourself. All too often we put everyone else first and it takes illness or injuries to address our own issues.


Available by appointment only
Sarah Boughtwood Osteopath Milford
Milford Natural Health Clinic, 50 East Coast Road, Milford
Phone: 021 139 7270


Pip Lodge


Pip Lodge is a massage therapist specialising in endometriosis, fertility, pregnancy and postnatal massage for women. Her passion is to help every woman with hormone balance, fertility, monthly pain management and pregnancy through massage and essential oils. Her passion has primarily stemmed from her own journey with chronic stage 4 endometriosis, becoming painfree through massage, having 3 children against all odds and avoiding a hysterectomy. She wants women to know there is another option worth trying that really helps and see them through their pregnancy journey and beyond.


Phone: 0212565057
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