Better breast health in 5 steps

Better breast health in 5 steps

Five easy things you can do to support great breast health, reduce breast pain and your risk of breast cancer. 


1. Spend less time in underwire bras

A tight bra can restrict or cut off the flow of lymphatic fluids. Lymph fluid contains fats, protein, waste products from your blood, as well as bacteria. Bacteria need to be filtered out by your lymph nodes, and in order to do this efficiently, these fluids need to be kept moving. (Hello! Cute bralette and bra-free days.)


2. Do a self-massage very week

Weekly breast massage allows you to check for bumps, lumps and changes. If you notice any changes head straight along to your GP to get it looked at. Learn what's normal, and what's not, here. 


3. Consume iodine daily

Iodine decreases the amount of oestrogen which can bind to oestrogen receptions in the breast - daily intake of iodine may reduce the risk of breast cancer (more research needed). Iodine has also found to reduce breast pain. Get your iodine from sea vegetables, or a good quality supplement.


4. Soak up the vitamin D

Studies have shown that women with optimal levels of Vitamin D have lower rates of breast cancer. Spend some time each day in the sun (out of peak times, be sensible), or if you are in the middle of winter consider supplementing. I encourage all women to test their vitamin D levels and request the results to double check themselves. 25(OH)D blood serum levels should be between 100-200nmol/L.


5. Load up on the antioxidants

Antioxidants are good for every part of the body, helping to fight inflammation in all areas. Try to get nine servings of vegetables into your diet each day to optimise your level of nutrients and antioxidants. For help on how to do this join my free Women's Health Course.

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