Kiwiherb Wintergaurd 100ml | 200ml

KiwiHerb WinterGuard is a new immune tonic from Kiwiherb containing a blend of certified organic herbs to support immune system function, including Olive leaf and Echinacea root.

 Kiwiherb WinterGuard is ideal to use as a daily tonic during winter to support the healthy function of the immune system and help prevent infections.

Size: 100ml or 200ml

Adults: Take 5-10ml once daily.
Children 6-12 years: Take half the adult dose.
Dilute with water or juice before use.

A brief period of numbness of the mouth maybe experienced after ingestion. This is quite normal and is due to the high levels of active alkylamide constituents in this product.

If pregnant or taking anticoagulant medication, seek professional advice before taking.


Winter Guard is a great winter tonic to help boost immunity and prevent colds and flus’ from taking hold.