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Citizen Digital Ovulation Thermometer

Citizen Digital Ovulation Thermometer

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CT915 records measurement results automatically.
CT915 records data of up to 120 days (measurements). 

Basal body temperature recording mode or all-measurements recording mode can be selected.
If the basal body temperature recording mode is selected, the temperature is recorded only one time a day. If the all-measurements recording mode is selected, all the measurement results are recorded.

You can check the change of your body temperature by looking at the graph.
Since the temperature data of 31 days (31 measurements) are displayed by a graph, you can check the measurement result and measurement date in order.

Alarm to notify measurement time is available.
You can measure your body temperature at a regular time every day.

You can take out and store the probe easily.
You can take out and store the probe easily and carry the whole set easily since it is small in size.

Antibacterial plastic is used.
Since an antibacterial plastic is used for the probe, it is kept clean.
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