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    Online course begins September 25th

    Take charge of your period pain

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4 Week Online Course

to give you the tools you need to take charge of your endometriosis and painful periods


When: The Endo Club will begin the 25th of September.

What: Live, interactive online videos presented each Wednesday at 7pm, and content emailed to you weekly. All videos will be available to watch later if you miss the live seminar.

Investment: $198 (Course includes over $1200 worth of value)

No matter what methods or medication you are currently using to mange your endometriosis or period pain you will be able to incorporate the tips and help given in the course to help decrease your pain and hormonal symptoms.

Week 1

The ins and outs of endometriosis:

- What is endometriosis and the new information surrounding the causes
- Common and uncommon symptoms associated with endometriosis 
- How the immune system, gut and sex hormones interact in endometriosis
- Guide to hormone and nutrient testing and letter for your GP

Week 2

Healing endometriosis through food:

- How food impacts endometriosis
- How to eat in a way which supports gut health and reduces inflammation
- Foods to avoid
- Meal planning tips and tricks

Week 3

Let’s talk hormones! They play a big role in your overall health as well as how your endometriosis presents:

- How your hormones work (or should be working)
- How to rebalance hormones in a way that promotes fertility and reduce endometriosis symptoms
- How to detoxify hormones effectively
- How endometriosis changes your fertility and ability to conceive and what can be done to improve your chances

Week 4

The final layer of treatments and changes to help you better manage your hormones and endometriosis:

– Supplements; which ones are worth your time
– How to avoid environmental toxins which contribute to inflammation and hormonal imbalances
– Natural pain relief options to use alongside or instead of conventional treatments
– Lifestyle changes you can make to reduce inflammation and support optimal hormonal health

As well as ...

- A weekly meal plan (for all 4 weeks) designed to support your healing, including over 140+ recipes to add to your repertoire
- An online support group - a group of friendly women who are in the same boat and understand what it’s like to live with endometriosis
- Access to the WBJ patient portal full of resources to assist you in your health journey

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