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Happy Hormones Course - Enrolments CLOSED

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Painful periods? The constant worry that you'll bleed through your tampon? Never sure when your period will show up? No period?

These symptoms are not normal — they're incredibly common, but not normal.

A healthy cycle is consistent, involves little to no pain, and you shouldn't have to worry about bleeding all over your favorite jeans. But diet, lifestyle, stress, and medication can throw our hormones out of whack, causing these unwanted symptoms. 

When: Happy Hormones will begin on the 10th of March 2020.

What: Beginning with a 90-minute live webinar, followed by three-months of step-by-step information in my Happy Hormones guide book, and an online support group with Q+A's along the way.

Investment: $99 (Course includes over $800 worth of value)

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